Crowd Analytica 

We are a market research hub that uses AI and statistical methods to analyze societies. We study social media, news, blogs, videos and online comments to find fruitful insights that add value to our clients. We identify market trends, potential opportunities, political rises and criminal activities.


Our services include sentiment analysis, topic modelling,  time series analysis and topological data analysis to extract the insights. We use big data, predictive modelling and business intelligence to deliver descriptive analytical dashboard as well as recommender systems that help business stakeholders 

Our insights can be used in financial predictions, market recommendations, crime detection and business development. we build custom reports and frameworks that help your business grow better and efficient  

Crowd Analytica is established in Australia by 2016, then expanded its work to UAE by 2018 and in 2019 will be expanding to Egypt and KSA. then move to Europe and the UK by 2020.

Our Team
Dr. Hany Hossny,
Founder and CEO

Hany@crowdanalytica.com | Tel: +97156 666 0180

Dr. Mo Hossny,
Head of Research
Dr. Sara Keretna,
Big Data Architect 
Eng. Mohie Ismaeil,
Business Development Manger
Eng. Hossam Taher, 
Regional Sales Manager
Eng. Salah Hussein,
Software Development Manger
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